What is the fastest sms loan

Lenders specializing in fast loans are constantly trying to streamline their processes in order to make the time between the application submitted and the loan paid out as short as possible. There are some natural bottlenecks in the handling and the fastest fast loans are simply those for which the time required for each item has been minimized.

One of the lenders who have very speedy handling is relatively new player RitePay Finance, which has streamlined its handling of each fast loan in a very good way. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the success factors. We just ask you to keep in mind that the fastest sms loan does not have to be what is best for you in any given situation. There are more things to investigate than the time from application to payment.


Automated handling

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RitePay Finance has a fully automated handling where the only thing an administrator needs to do is to finally approve the loan. Otherwise, registration of the application, collection of credit information and credit assessment takes place completely automatically and without much time required. The message on the screen usually pops up after just a minute.


Customer service is open every day

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Since it is an administrator who must make the final approval and also initiate the payment, it is of course possible that the money can be paid out only when the customer service is open and thus there are people in place. RitePay Finance has arranged it so that customer service is available every day, Monday to Sunday, to pay off loans.

There are many methods of identification when applying for fast loans, but none is faster than mobile BankID. RitePay Finance uses this particular method, which means that this part of the application for fast loans is very fast.


Transfer to several banks


Bank to bank transfers never go in real time and it may take a banking day for the money to arrive at the recipient. However, transfers within the same bank go more or less in no time. RitePay Finance has made sure to have transaction accounts in both Lenders Bank and Astro Bank, and if you have an account in one of these banks you can thus receive a direct transfer both during the day and in the evenings and weekends when customer service is open. If you have an account with another bank, the deadline is at. 2pm on weekdays. Transfers made before 14:00 may be available in your personal account on the same day, while transfers sent after the same time will be credited to the private account the next banking day.



All lenders with quick loans have very short processing times and the loan really gives reasons for its name. However, in order to get money in the account more or less immediately, choose a little more carefully. Factors to look at are:

  • Automatic handling (“message directly”)
  • Ability to sign with mobile BankID
  • Accounts in several banks
  • Generous opening hours

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