Borrow money with a small loan – now 1000 dollars for new customers

As a new customer, you can get a small loan of USD 500 with a term of 30 days for USD 4.26. At the end of the term, you pay back 504.26 dollars. There are no additional processing fees. By the way: Existing customers can borrow 1000 dollars or higher amounts up to 2000 dollars for the second loan application.

You can conveniently submit the loan application online. You upload a copy of your identity card or passport in the application. We do not need proof of salary, bank statements or guarantors like other banks. And if you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you.

Apply for a loan around the clock!

An unexpected additional payment for your apartment, the car is on strike, laptop in a bucket, your cell phone is broken, but is there low tide in your house? In short, do you urgently need a smaller amount to quickly bridge a short-term financial bottleneck?

You can borrow money quickly and reliably with Good Credit, even around the clock! The 24/7 online service saves you from having to wait until your bank branch opens, queuing at the counter or worrying about whether your bank will approve the loans at all. If you are in a particular hurry, you can get your money within 24 hours with the Good Service!

Borrow money quickly in 24 hours  

Is it urgent with the money? Thanks to Good Service you can have the money in your account within 24 hours. You can do this in a short time in just a few steps: register, fill in the contact details, choose Good Service when applying, sign the loan application and identify it only once. It all happens online, without paperwork, in a few minutes. It also only takes a minute for us to review your loan application and give you confirmation. Borrowing money can be so easy and quick!

Up to 2000 dollars from the 2nd loan

Up to 2000 dollars from the 2nd loan

When you apply for a loan for the first time, you can quickly and easily get up to $ 1000 into your account, even within 24 hours. The Good Credit offers all new customers loans from $ 50 up to a maximum of $ 1000 with terms of 30 to 62 days.

You repay your loan in a single installment after 30 days. Or you can add the 2-installment option when you apply and repay your loan in two smaller monthly installments with a term of 62 days.

Further loans as an existing customer are even easier and faster because the identification is no longer necessary. With the second loan,Up to 2000 dollars from the 2nd loan you can get up to $ 2000 credit and repay the amount in four installments. This relieves you of the repayment and offers you greater financial scope.

Loans for everyone over 18

Loans for everyone over 18

Good Credit is there for everyone! Anyone who has reached the age of 18, is creditworthy and handles all money matters responsibly can apply for a loan.

All you need is a German mobile phone number, your own bank account with a German financial institution, your own email address and a valid ID card or passport.

New customers benefit from our brisk application process, which only requires a few entries. Have you ever received a loan from us? Are you registered as a customer?

Then use our service and log in without a password search! You will receive your one-time password by SMS on the cell phone number registered with us. After sending the SMS, you can log in and get started straight away, without any new identification, without paperwork. So applying for a loan is easy.

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